Sasha Leong is an independent multi-disciplinary performing artist and arts project manager, currently based in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia).


Sasha's practice stems from a passion and curiosity to explore and learn a variety of dance forms to add to her movement vocabulary. She started her training in Ballet, Malaysian cultural dances, and went on to explore the Contemporary Dance form, social and folk dances from other cultures, trained intensively in Ballroom, discovered and worked with the art of Butoh and Body Weather Training, and the list goes on.

In 2009, Sasha was one of the ten dancers from Malaysia, invited to perform and 'open' the 2009 Wien Opernball as a debutante. Upon her return from Vienna, she actively performed in large events including Star World's Glee Flashmob Dance, TM's Everyone Connects Street Performance, and Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week's Opening Performance. She was a dancer with The Modjos (dance crew) and briefly, a back-up dancer for R&B songstress, Nadhira. In Melbourne, Sasha has danced with professional Bollywood companies with repertoires in Classical Indian, Bollywood and Banghra dances.

Sasha was featured in the catchy Melbourne's Cheapest Cars ad and in Hoodlem's Kintsugi music video. In 2017, Sasha co-choreographed and performed in a Contemporary Dance piece Emergence, working alongside musician and sound artist, Tamara Violet Partridge, and visual artist, Alix Whitelaw. She also co-developed and co-delivered a creative community dance program for a local council in Melbourne. She has a strong passion for community engagement and social change through dance/the arts.

As an ACTOR...

Sasha started her professional acting career on-stage when she was cast as the main role of a 10-minute piece, ‘The Betrayal’ (shortlisted as a Finalist) in the Short & Sweet Theatre Festival 2012, Malaysia. In the same year, she joined the Box of Delights Family Theatre ensemble in ‘Kleting Kuning and the Giant Crab’ and took on both roles of Nyai Rondo (mother) and Yuyu Kangkang the Giant Crab. Her dance training has given her an advantage in physical theatre, and she is known for being an agile performer. In early 2013, she was cast as a Featured Ensemble in ‘Chow Kit Road: The Musical’, and scored a role as one of the dancers in a featured dance crew, Mizfitz, in ‘Showdown: The Movie’ (released in 2016). The same year, she was cast in a supporting role in an infomercial ‘Bisikan Hati (Whispers of the Heart)’, and appeared in a commercial for BiC Shavers.

At the end of 2013, Sasha moved to Melbourne from Malaysia and trained with Richard Sarell at The Rehearsal Room. Within the span of one year, she has worked in a number of short films, corporate videos and commercials. She is fluent in English, Malay, and conversational Mandarin and Cantonese.

In 2014, Sasha was an ensemble member of “Nothing to See Here (Dispersal)“, a piece in the Festival of Live Arts that was nominated for 2014 Green Room Awards in ‘Outstanding Contemporary and Experimental Performance’. She returned to Malaysia for a month in September 2014, and took on the role of Enyo, the Witch of Alarm, in Perak Society of Performing Arts' "Trick or Treat: A Halloween Musical".

Since then, Sasha has played roles in independent short Burger with the Lot and the award-winning, Full Disclosure.


With more than five years' experience under her belt, Sasha provides support to the arts ecosystem outside her daily role working with a peak arts body. She values collaboration with communities and is passionate about the role the arts play to connect people and share stories. Some of her past work include - project support for Yellow Wheel & YDance's NEO, program and website support for the inaugural Flem-Ken Festival of Arts and Ideas, and providing grant application support to indepndent projects. She is currently a part of the Young Arts Practitioners' working group in her local municipality.

Sasha is a participant of Leadership Victoria's 2018 New and Emerging Communities Leadership (Women) program.


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